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About Me

The song "Long and winding road" written by the Beatles kept coming to mind as I thought about what to write about myself. 

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia in a family that emigrated from Spain. I still revel in mountains and water any time I'm able to be near them. One of the twists in my long and winding road, was my mothers death when I was the tender age of sixteen. This formed me in ways I would not recognize until many years later. 

I left those beautiful mountains to study music and education in Alberta. I was an educator of both upper elementary school as well as college language courses when I met my husband and we began a family of our own. Our three children continue to be a sheer gift and remind me constantly of Gods grace. After 14 years in education, I discerned a call to ordained ministry and served an Anglican parish for 8 years before moving to broader work in diocesan leadership and ministry. During my parish ministry I was blessed to work with the RCMP as a chaplain and learned a great deal from becoming a certified pastors coach. A passion for transformation also led me to study Spiritual Formation more deeply through the Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation at Tyndale University. 


Some of the most transformational moments for me have come through tragedy though some have come through joy and adventure. One adventurous journey I adored was walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I joined five friends and we spent a lot of time living out the road to Emmaus story over and over as we trod. 

A trip to Jerusalem a few years ago was also transformative and gave new perspectives as well as opening up long known stories in ways I had not imagined. 


I have, over the years, led retreats and workshops on Spiritual Disciplines and prayer - but there is nothing I love more than walking alongside someone as they find the way for themselves down their own long and winding - but beautiful road. 

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