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As well as Spiritual Direction, Pilar provides

  • workshops

  •  retreats

  • speaking/teaching seminars.


If you are interested in one of these other areas please contact her at  

Spiritual Disciplines Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to Spiritual Disciplines or Practices. Some of the practices that have been covered include: 

  • Lectio Divina

  • The Examen

  • Spiritual Autobiography

  • Contemplative Prayer

  • Prayer Walking

  • Praying with Icons

  • Centering Prayer

  • Simplicity

  • Silence

  • Fasting

  • Creating a Rule of Life or Regula 

  • And others... 

Any of these can be longer individual sessions/topics. Generally this whole workshop is 1 1/2 days in length. 

Prayer at the Western Wall

Spiritual Autobiography

This is a more comprehensive look at and writing out of Spiritual Autobiography. It includes: 

  • Exploring other Spiritual Autobiographers

  • The process of writing

  • Exploring the value for our own writing

  • Writing and processing our own Spiritual Autobiography and getting feedback

This process usually takes place over 6-8 sessions. 

Exploring Formation Books

There are many books which can be used as guides into conversation about Spiritual Formation. Some of my favourites to lead with groups include: 

  • The Good and Beautiful God

  • The Good and Beautiful You 

  • The Good and Beautiful Life

           all by James Bryan Smith

  • The Allure of Gentleness

               by Dallas Willard

  • Invitation to a Jesus Life

  • Abundant Simplicity 

            by Jan Johnson 

  • Prayer 

  • Celebration of Discipline

    • Both by Richard Foster


For exploring other topics or books please be in touch.  

Book Club
Sitting on a Bench


Retreats can take on many forms. 

  • Theme based retreats (prayer, silence...) 

  • Spiritual Practices/Discipline retreats 

  • Discernment retreats

There can be a mixture of group and individual activity. 

Location can be at a retreat centre but can also be other locations equally suited. 

Fees and Payment


Spiritual Direction 

 $60 per session

* If you book multiple sessions the price is reduced. 

  • 4 sessions is $200 

  • 6 sessions is $300

Students and Seniors rate is $40

*If cost is an issue for you, let's work on making something work. Your soul work is too valuable. 

No Shows 

Emergencies happen, but if you have more than 2 no-shows with no reason you will be invoiced for a session. 



Please contact me for the fee schedule on a 1/2 day,  full day or multiple day sessions. 

Payments can be made via PayPal, but e-transfers are welcome and don't cost service fees. 

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